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8 Fun Facts of NHL (National Hockey League) That'll You Probably Never Heard Of

If you are a fan of sports like me, then you should probably hear of NHL (National Hockey League). The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league in North America. The NHL currently consists of 31 teams: 24 from the United States and 7 from Canada. It is acknowledged to be the most prestigious professional ice hockey league in the world and one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States of America and Canada.

The NHL has a big history. It has gone through a century worth of storied histories like two World Wars, The Great Depression, The Cold War, and many others. So, it has its shares of stories that are full of craziness, mystery, and startling facts. All these stories have been buried under the flow of time or simply forgotten. As it is quite impossible to write down all these stories from the road, so you should not consider an easy task. This article will make you laugh or help you with your trivial daily tasks. So, without further ado, let’s dive into 20 Facts About National Hockey League That'll You Probably Never Heard Of. Wonder Women Only one woman in NHL history has suited up for a game. Manon Rhéaume plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning and exhibition games during 1992 and 1993. she played in two games allowed for two goals in one of her games against the St. Louis Blues. She also achieved quite a few historic firsts in her career. Octopus throwing One of the fun facts of NHL is when two American brothers who sold fish for a living started the “octopus throwing” during the playoff games of 1952. To win the Stanley Cup, the winning team had to gain 8 victory through the season. So, the two brothers Pete and Jerry Cusimano brought an octopus to the arena of Detroit and throw onto the ice. The Detroit Red Wings won the cup that year and ever since then the octopus is considered to be a good luck charm for the Detroit. A Real-Life Penguin Mascot If you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins or not but it is quite cool to have a penguin mascot for a hockey team. As their lifestyle is quite like the arena of the game. Penguins live in rigid climates of the southern hemisphere and they spend almost thier whole lives sliding around on snow and ice. You can’t say that in the case of other animals like the polar bear. The real live mascot Pete made several appearances in the public and was gifted to Doug McGregor, the son of Penguins then-president Jack McGregor, on his ninth birthday. Typos on Stanley Cup itself Another NHL fun fact is the typo on the Stanley cup itself. If you think the Stanley Cup is perfect, then you have to change your opinion about the cup. There are at least a dozen typos on this world’s one of the most sought-after trophy. For example, the New York Islanders’ name is written as “Ilanders” and the 1972 Bruins’ name written as “Bqstqn Bruins,” probably I guess “O” kind of looks close to a “Q,” right? Other errors include the misspelled names of Kris Versteeg, Adam Deadmarsh, and Dickie Moore. But the one that overwhelms them all is when Leafs assistant manager Frank Selke’s title was hilariously shortened down to “ASS MAN” on the Cup. Five Goals Five Different Ways In the history of hockey records, Mario Lemieux of Pittsburgh scored five goals in five different ways on one game that held on 31st December of 1988. He scored first goal at even strength, second one on the power play, third one shorthanded, another on a penalty, and the final one into an empty net when one second left of the game. There is no one who was able to score like him. The Sedins We all know Daniel and Henrik Sedin. They always in the competition with one another. Another NHL fun fact is that they happen to be identical twins in a lot of competition within the family. If they are not competing on the ice arena, then they are competing on the golf course. You can rest assured that the completion is one-sided as Henrik has not lost to Daniel yet.   Canadian Team Players Are Paid in American Dollars There is no dispute that Hockey is a Canadian sport. The vast majority of the team’s rosters are also Canadian players and there are 7 Clubs in different Canadian cities. So, everyone should probably think that the players are paid in their own currency. However, the fun fact of NHL that the Canadian Team pays its players in American dollars. Actually, there is a good reason for that too. As American dollars has higher stability and better index value. So, the authority doesn’t have to think about the constant fluctuation in the value of Canadian currency.   Only One Man Wore the Jersey No. 0 You would probably think that Wayne Gretzky’s iconic No. 99 uniform might be the rarest number on NHL as it was retired league-wide after he retired in the 1998-99 season.  However, you should know that only one single player has worn jersey No. 0. The name of that man is Neil Sheehy. He didn’t wear this jersey a full season with the Hartford Whalers. Another rare number is No. 00. No skater has ever worn it but two goalies, Martin Biron and John Davidson, each of them wore it for one season.   Stanley Cup Has Been Taken to A Strip Cub Not Once, Twice! We all know that every member of a Stanley Cup-winning team gets to spend time with the cup.  You probably heard of using the cup as a bowl to baptize kids, thrown into pool parties, and even using the Cup as a food dish for dogs. However, the all-time great Mark Messier has brought the cup with another guest to strip clubs on at least two occasions. One time, when the Oilers won the Cup in 1987 and another time in 1994 Messier won the Cup with the Rangers. Fans Can Play on the Ice According to the rules of NHL, If a team’s two goalies are injured during a game, anybody can play the position of the goalies that means including a fan who is spectating the match inside the arena! Looking for a great place to see NHL games? 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